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  • Dellsupport promoting Dell Network Assistant
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  • Installing Net Framework 2 (required)

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jean de los santos Senior editor

This review applies to version 3.0. The latest version of this software will soon be reviewed by our informers.

Dellsupport (not to confuse with Dell Support Center) was an application preinstalled by Dell (it can also be downloaded from their website) on most of their product lines which main purpose was to provide information and alerts through internet about ongoing issues and how to prevent / fix them.

The alerts content varied from normal to critical, for example Sasser virus, battery recall and even Dell driver updates or Windows service packs were notified to customers using the tool.
It includes tips on how to perform most common computer activities and also advertise Dell products and services.

The DellSupport resource consumption is very low: no impact on start up and 1-2% of the system resources when it is being utilized. Dell Support receives content updates automatically over an active Internet connection and display them on a little message window that appear next to Windows task bar, once customer click on the notification area, it will redirect him to a website with instructions.


  • It doesnt impact system performance.
  • Provide direct support updates from system manufacturer!


  • Its continuous alerts can bother some customers.
  • Its size could be too big for dial up connections.
  • Some customers can consider it adware.

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    Guest Last year

    How do I get CDs to play on my computer?

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    Sayan Roy 5 years ago

    Best software I have ever seen...
    It is awesome........

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